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My name is Jamie Ham. I have been making art since I was nine years old. It is my passion. It is my soul's work. I speak about life through my art. I tell stories about what I see and how I see it. I hope you enjoy it.

You can purchase prints and originals of my artwork here on my website. I also sell NFTs via auction. 

Click Here To Purchase.


Some of what other people say about my art:


“Jamie Ham is an artist with a prolific portfolio of work. He has been producing his multi-media works since 1985. He primarily uses a felt tip pen, watercolor, and pastel. The images are often placed in digital format, with creative elements in place. Often he will use paper clippings for his inspiration and is often, ironically, right on in his commentary about the subject. This is a reference to the late artist Romare Bearden. He once went to one of his exhibits and was memorized. The collage technique Jamie uses is quite similar. The pallet is also akin to Romare’s.

Jamie is exceptionally different in that he is Down's Syndrome. But his special needs are not his focus. His focus is on making art.”

My sister, Ailie Ham, helps me market my artwork. If you want to find out more about her and what she does, here is her website,

My family friend Louis LaFevre has also always been supportive of my art. We will be planning a 2024 show in his honor, as he is one of my largest patrons. 



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